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What We Do...

At Firefox we develop, host, manage and run outsourced web stores on behalf of enthusiast clubs, associations, non-profits, charities and businesses to increase member services, raise funds and promote a brand or a cause. We also manage a wide range of product suppliers on behalf of our clients in order to deliver a complete solution. 

For volunteer-run clubs and associations we manage and run complete, fully populated logo stores where there are no upfront costs and no ongoing monthly costs. Our MemberShops™ solutions require no financial investment yet offer a fantastic range of options to members. More importantly, Firefox stores generate revenue for the clubs we work with.

For professionally run and managed clubs and associations our MemberShopsPro™ solutions provides a wide range of services including more customization options, custom domain names, the ability for the club to sell its own products, store aggregation for products in CafePress, Zazzle, eBay and Amazon shops, and includes the built-in logo store at a low monthly cost.

For Not-for-Profits, and for minimal cost, Firefox CampaignShops™ stores help raise funds. We offer a wide range of products that can be sold to promote the cause and contribute to campaigns, appeals and solicitations. Our web stores can also integrate with donor management systems such as DonorPerfect and offer Facebook hosted web stores for social media promotion and spreading awareness. And Not-for-Profits can add their own products to the store for sale or auction to raise even more funds.

All Firefox stores can also handle event registration and management, can have modules for self-service classified adverts and allow our clients to add their own products for sale or auction. A Firefox web store can also be an organisation's web site with an optional custom web pages module.

For clubs and Not-for-Profits the web stores can hook into Amazon.co.uk for an integrated book store and for car clubs the web stores can display the latest relevant cars for sale on eBay Motors.

In every case, Firefox provides all of the services including shipping, payment processing and customer service.  Firefox also sources and manages the products in the web store on behalf of our clients which includes a complete range of logo products and logo apparel. Firefox stores also have a wide range of realtime reports giving a complete picture of store activity and orders.

But what if you just want a logo store to promote your brand? In addition to the above, Firefox offers LogoShops™ - just a logo store on its own complete with a wide range of products that can carry your brand, design or logo at minimal cost with no additions or extras.

Your personalized Firefox MemberShops, MemberShopsPro, CampaignShops or LogoShops store can be up and running in a matter of days.

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January 1st, 2011
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Why Firefox?

Because we specialise in providing complete solutions that minimise the management time required to own and operate a web store and we remove the need for an organization to have eCommerce skills.

In addition, we focus on addressing the entire round-trip web store transaction. This includes supplying products to populate the stores in the first place where we negotiate deals with suppliers to get our clients the best branded products for their members, supporters, staff, partners or customers. Most importantly, in most cases products are available one-off, on-demand and customized removing the need for investment in inventory or minimum orders. Our solutions also include shipping integration, payment processing, merchant services, and member, supporter or customer service.

We only focus on complete solutions for clubs, non-profits and business, and have significant experience in these markets. We understand the needs of these organisations and also respect the value of their identities and brands. We design, build, host and run our web stores, and negotiate with suppliers, to meet the specific needs of our clients.

We are the complete 'Shop-in-a-Box' solution.